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Via Garza, 28 - 25010 Borgosatollo (Brescia), Italia



Founded in 1975, Maicopresse has grown over the years and has established itself on the market as one of the leaders in the field of plastics and die-casting.

…the future belongs to those who have started it.

The pursuit of superior materials and components, our highly-qualified personnel and the strict qualitative standards of our machines have made the brand Maicopresse today a synonym of reliability and efficiency.

Located for over four decades at the heart of Brescia’s metal district, Maicopresse embodies the ideals of dedication to its customers and genuine passion for excellence, the distinctive pillars of Italian manufacturing.

Over the years, our R&D has always been committed to developing innovative systems, several of which are patented today.

All the internal processing is carried out using exclusively carefully-selected components; highly-skilled workers follow our strict quality standards during the assembly process and continue to expand their skill set on the job. Finally, accuracy and precision characterize all steps of testing.


We believe that a company’s success is not limited to its numbers, and should take into consideration the relationships of trust, cooperation and respect that are built with its stakeholders, the protection of the health and safety of its workers and the environment.

We strive for excellence in everything we do: components, material, processing, R&D, assembly, testing and client service are constantly monitored and developed to meet our clients’ expectations.

Our natural inclination has lead us to gain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating that we follow a scrupulous quality management system, according to laws and regulations in place.

Pluri-decennial experience in the field of plastics and die-casting notwithstanding, we never stop, and we are in continuous pursuit of innovation and state of the art systems.


Quality, robustness, dynamicity and reliability are our pillars.

All of our machines are equipped with:

  • Platens of high-grade forged and normalized steel block with stainless steel coating;
  • Rolled, chromium plated and rectified special steel tie bars;
  • Patented toggle system;
  • Real-time injection control using servovalve;
  • Inverter technology for pump control;
  • Application of HYBRID technology for energy saving.


The most important steps

Even with over 100 employees, an ever-expanding network and the constant pursuit of innovation Maicopresse still embodies the ideals of a family business.

Such is the legacy of Mario Busi and Mario Spotti who shared a passion for machines and founded MAICOPRESSE in 1975. Initially specialized in overhauling and technical assistance, a true leap in quality was made after only 5 years, with the production of injection-moulding and die-casting machines, under the brand “Maicopresse”, which has now become the core business of the company.

1985 marked a key milestone with the establishment of IROBI S.R.L. Maicopresse sister company specializing in industrial automation.

Innovation and upgrades have been implemented over the years, from the design of new models of machines to meet market demands, to the development of new systems (some of which are patented) to enhance performance and safety.

  • Heritage
  • Know-How
  • Mission



Some of our patented technologies for more performing and safer machines to execute key phases of production easily, are:

FAST DIE LOCKING SYSTEM MODEL “SIBLOC”: a simple and efficient technology to ease the mounting of dies, especially heavy ones.

CEXTERNAL TOGGLE CLAMPING SYSTEM that guarantees longer platen strokes, incomparable mechanical stiffness, even distribution of mechanical stress and high opening-closing speed.

AUTOMATIC COMPENSATOR of nitrogen pressure in the accumulator. This technology allows for the automatic correction of pressure fluctuations in the accumulator (which are caused by ambient temperature variations and / or possible nitrogen loss) , thus keeping the machine in optimal condition for repeatability, a necessary requisite for applications of the highest-quality.

“E-VERSION” – INVERTER TECHNOLOGY that guarantees energy saving through air cooling of hydraulic fluid. Thanks to the sensible use of high-efficiency components, controlled by an algorithm developed by Maicopresse, our machines cool hydraulic fluids through a ventilated radiator, without using water nor cooling agents, thus achieving unprecedented energy efficiency without compromising performance.