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Via Garza, 28 - 25010 Borgosatollo (Brescia), Italia




Supply a top quality services means also have a careful policy and using all the company’s strengths to obtain and maintain the industry certifications, synonymous of high professionalism. MAICOPRESSE is always focused to obtain and maintain the high standard parameters .


Today MAICOPRESSE S.p.A. covers an area of 14000 m2, employing a team of about 90 that, together with the other companies under the group, reaches 125 skilled members.
MAICOPRESSE S.p.A. is a dynamic company, striving to continually develop innovative technologies to provide Injection Molding and Die-Casting Machines that meet the needs and trends of the market.


Since its establishment in 1975, MAICOPRESSE has always strived to provide groundbreaking solutions to improve its products both mechanically and technologically by building a mutually profitable relationship with its customers and investing in research and development.
We have always taken great pride in the quality of our products: our primary goal is maintaining such high standards of production, the result of the great skill and experience of our team and associates To protect its expertise and know-how, Maicopresse developed and internal R&D team of engineers that provide support to suppliers and to the manufacturing department through all production stages of its machines.


The expansion of the company called for the need to establish a dynamic and proficient management system to better organize all aspects of the business. In 2021 Maicopresse has implemented a management system that complies with the standards of good practice UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, a valuable tool to achieve the following:


  • ensuring that our products always meet the requirements of our clients;
  • picking suppliers that best meet our commitments to quality and schedule;
  • upholding the appropriate implementation of the management system and verifying the efficiency and suitability of its principles over time;
  • developing staff knowledge of its responsibilities, its tasks and products;
  • developing proactive cooperation amongst the staff in the spirit of continual improvement;
  • minimizing system inefficiencies;
  • expanding our market;
  • achieving costumers satisfaction;
  • developing and implementing programs aimed at enhancing quality and reducing costs.


Management is committed to monitoring and updating the above through regular meetings with area managers at all levels.


Management identifies needs and puts in place the adequate resources for each function, including competent personnel dedicated to management, task execution and control, including internal quality control. We pay special attention to the health and safety of our staff, putting in place all arrangements necessary, in order to provide a safe and healthy work environment.


Management encourages the implementation, improvement and innovation of its QMS, and is committed to the distribution of quality documentation to employees, its understanding and compliance.
Through all stages of the industrial process, our focus is to always meet our clients’ needs, exceeding their expectations regarding quality standards, organization and management of additional services


MAICOPRESSE S.p.A. has always taken the greatest pride in its fast and efficient customer service, guaranteeing phone assistance beyond standard working-hours and quick resolution of any malfunctioning.
Our effective costumer care ensures technical intervention on-site within 24 hours in the most serious cases of malfunctioning.


Close and thoughtful attention is given to environmental protection, by developing ever more efficient machines while reducing consumption. Furthermore, solar panels are installed on the roofs of our plant, providing clean energy to the site.
MAICOPRESSE S.p.A. has a clear path for its future, moving towards continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of its machines. Our catalogue offers a wide range of high-level Injection Molding and Die-Casting Machines, that can be fitted to meet our clients’ specific needs.


Rigorous policies of production, control, management and traceability through all aspects of manufacturing will be developed and integrated, by setting up dedicated stations inside the plant.
Our main goals for the years 2020-2025 are arranging an internal workshop fitted with a control system and introducing a range of surface finishing aimed at enhancing component robustness and performance


Borgosatollo, 21st January 2022